Little Thumb offers various functions that add value to the system.

No data connexion

Features available with no need of any type of data connexion (if the smartphone is equipped with the NFC technology or if the map is already stored in the telephone by previous download)

Indoor positioning When approaching the smartphone to an NFC tag, the application LittleThumb starts and the exact location of the user is immediately displayed on the map.
Navigation After obtaining his position, the user has the possibility to chose a destination from the destinations list of the site and be guided towards it.
Points of interest The user can display on the map a certain category of points of interest and be guided towards one of them.
Emergency exits With a simple click the emergency exits and paths are displayed on the map.
User profile Preferences such as "only stair cases", "rolling pedestrian" or "elevator preference" can be selected from the Settings menu.
Saving current location The user can save any location - the position of his car in the parking lot for example - in order to easily return later.

Data connexion

Features accessible when a data connexion is available (3/4G, WiFi)

Indoor-outdoor navigation In case of sites including more buildings or outdoor spaces, the application allows seamless navigation from one building to another by using BLE beacons, WiFi signals or GPS positioning in addition to the StoneTags.
User restrictions The application gives rights to display the complete map (and/or access the entire site) or only parts of it according to the user status (this feature can be done in the off-connexion mode as well, by simply entering a code, if the security rules of the site accept it).
Proxy destination list If available for a site, it can offer extra information about the destinations in the environment, such as names or events associated with places. For example a conference program in a conference center, the train departures in a station, etc.