Little Thumb provides a turnkey solution and manages all stages of completion of the project under the responsibility of a project manager who is the main contact of the site manager.

I Collect the data

The first step is to gather all the data for the digital modeling of the cartography (for example floorplans, digital files, listings, photos, notes, etc). It may take between a few hours and a few days depending on the complexity of the environment and is done by e-mail exchange and telephone. But often the eye of the expert is essential and a visit to the site is required to document particular points (complex hall, atypical staircase, color of some doors, visual mark, etc).

The design of the tags (color, type, shape, material, fixing) is also finalized during this phase.

II Production

The real work can begin. A cartographer engineer creates the digital model of the site using the tools developed by LittleThumb. Human experience is essential in order to reach the level of coherence and detail necessary to obtain optimal ergonomic use. The model, in particular the location of the StoneTags, is then validated with the site manager before the stage of compilation in the compact data format LittleStone.

In parallel, various tag designs are suggested. After prototyping and validation, the production of tags can be launched by a certified subcontractor.

III Installation

The StoneTags are installed according to the previously specified method (sticking, screwing or self-adhesive) and programmed by a qualified technician using a portable terminal. The cartography in the LittleStone digital format is thus stored in the StoneTags.

A complete functional test is performed after installation by following a pre-calculated route. This test ensures that all the StoneTags are working properly, are placed at the right location and programmed with the corresponding data.

IV User launch

This is the moment of truth. The launching of the LittleThumb navigation solution on the site is accompanied by a communication program in order to inform the users. They are then able to download the application and use it immediately.